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Our TOP 10 spring cosmetics

It's time to completely transform your winter skin care habits! Replace your body creams, adapt to the warmer weather with your natural cosmetics. In good weather, in the spring and summer season, your skin also needs different products than in winter.

Incorporate lighter loose foam creams or serums into your daily routine and start preparing your skin for summer!
Check our TOP 10 spring cosmetics:

Houseleek moisturizer

Pigmented skin is an increasingly common cosmetic problem. Many guests are looking for a solution to this, and Houseleek moisturizer comes to their aid. Thanks to the acids found in the houseleek, it is known for its excellent pigment spot- and freckle lightening, as well as good moisturizing, soothing, skin protecting and regenerating, as well as epithelial tissue-strengthening effects. Due to these special effects, it can be used to alleviate and eliminate a wide variety of skin problems. We definitely use this cream on tanned skin from the sun and solarium. It can also be used to prevent pigmentation after epilation and to relieve burns. Its regular use reduces the tendency to spotting, so it is also excellent for preventing the recurrence of pigment spots that have already been removed.

Rose moisturizer

    Rose moisturizer 50 ml
    Previous name: Rose Petal Whip Moisturizer
    6 890 Ft
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The moisturizer made from the special red rose petals of Szőreg improves the hydration of the skin with its excellent water binding and elasticity properties. It is rich in vitamin A, which fights against free radicals, vitamin E, which is responsible for delaying aging, and vitamin C, which is essential for the functioning and strengthening of elastin and collagen fibers. Its mild astringent effect helps even skin with large pores to look even. As the name suggests, it belongs to the family of moisturizers, so it is a very light cream that does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin, yet it is an excellent moisturizing cream.

Sea Buckthorn enzyme peeling

The exfoliating effect of the enzymes obtained from pumpkin and fungus helps to dissolve the protein bonds between the epithelial cells, thereby gently removing the dead stratum corneum cells from the surface of the skin without abrasive substances. During the exfoliating process, the minerals of sea buckthorn, black currant, elderberry, and melon help regenerate cells and enhance the functioning of the skin's vital functions. Sea buckthorn's outstanding vitamin C content strengthens the skin's natural defenses. Its use gives the skin a bright, fresh and uniform appearance.

Sea buckthorn booster

    Sea buckthorn booster 30 ml
    Previous name: Vitalizing Antioxidant Essence
    9 190 Ft
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Thanks to its light texture, the Sea buckthorn booster serum can be used alone. Its biologically active ingredients support the functioning of dull skin damaged by stress. Its multimolecular hyaluron content has active ingredients with excellent moisturizing ability, which helps to reduce the depth and area of fine lines and wrinkles and strengthens the skin's protective layer. Its melon, elderberry, blackcurrant and sea buckthorn content is a real vitamin bomb for the skin. Thanks to their high antioxidant content, it delays the aging process of the skin and makes it more resistant to external harmful environmental effects. 

Sea Buckthorn moisturizer

The moisturizer, full of biologically active ingredients, restores the glowness of surface and deep water-deficient, tired, pale skin and supports its renewal processes. The flavonoids of black currant, elderberry, and melon have a powerful antioxidant effect, improve blood circulation and supply the skin with the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and oxygen. It helps delay skin aging, increases skin elasticity and firmness, and reduces the area and depth of wrinkles. Sea buckthorn's outstanding vitamin C and E content is essential for the production of collagen fibers. High carotene content is responsible for skin protection. 

Probiotic serum

Probiotic serum is a real benefactor of skin prone to greasiness with a lack of water in the surface and deep layers. Its probiotic content improves skin renewal processes and plays a key role in supporting the strong protective function of healthy skin. Regular use of the serum regulates the functioning of the sebaceous glands, thus reducing skin greasiness. It also smoothes, soothes and mattifies the skin. The blackberry, elderberry and seaweed found in the serum ensure that the skin is supplied with the right minerals and vitamins, hydrated and regenerated.

Apple & Lemon booster with C-vitamin 10%

The Apple & Lemon booster with C-vitamin 10% is a real benefactor of young, seborrhoeic, acneic and pigmented skin. Ascorbyl glucoside, B-C and F vitamins and flavonoids found in apples and lemons ensure the proper functioning and protection of the skin, reducing possible inflammations, fading pigment spots and normal functioning of the sebaceous glands. They promote the development of even matte skin.

Rosehip serum

    Rosehip serum 30 ml
    Previous name: Rose Hip Serum
    7 890 Ft6 707 Ft
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This easily absorbed face serum is formulated for people with sensitive, allergy-prone skin. Its most important component is rosehip, which is rich in vitamin C, strengthens connective tissue and blood vessel walls, and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Thanks to the light texture of this serum and the active ingredients it contains, it normalizes the sebaceous gland function, soothes and hydrates the skin. 

Sour Cherry & Blackthorn treatment

Due to the high active ingredient content of the treatment, it is a real spring recharge for the skin. The pectins, flavonoids, vitamins, fruit sugars and acids in it nourish, tone, hydrate and exert a pore astringent effect. Due to their strong free-radical eliminating effect, cherry flavonoids help to preserve the youth of the skin, as well as to hydrate skin types with a lack of water in the surface or deep layers. Due to its high iron content, it binds oxygen, improves circulation, and promotes the enrichment of capillaries with iron. It nourishes, hydrates and makes the skin elastic, improves the tone of collagen fibers.

Tomato body lotion

    Tomato body lotion 100 ml
    Previous name: Tomato Face & Body Cream
    4 590 Ft3 902 Ft
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With the arrival of spring, the long-awaited sunshine appeared. While enjoying the positive effects of the sun's rays, don't forget to protect your skin. Tomato body lotion helps prepare the skin for summer sunbathing and also contributes to the long-lasting preservation of our beautiful brown skin color. Thanks to its high beta-carotene content, its daily use helps the skin to tan more quickly, beautifully and evenly. The tomato in it is an extremely healthy, nutrient-rich plant. The beta-carotene in it is an excellent antioxidant, so it protects cells from damage, and it is also a natural pigment that activates enzymes important in cancer prevention.