About us

We operate as a real family enterprise, in the literal sense. The responsibility is huge, since we are responsible for a heritage bearing the name of our mother, grandmother, and for the existence of a natural cosmetic brand that is trustworthy and present on the international stage as well. Our shared interest, responsibility and work brings us closer even within the family, so taking part in the daily operative work, development, manufacturing, company management and contact with professionals does not feel like a burden. Because this is the only way we can guarantee the quality that has been an attribute of the name Ilcsi for sixty years.

Story of the brand1958-2011

About the company

  • 1958

    The cosmetics carrier of Aunt Ilcsi started back in the fifties, and derived from her need for high quality and the lack of aestheticians in that era. The love of nature, the knowledge of four different foreign languages, attending world conferences and trainings, and reading international journals all helped her to get through the first hard years. She created her first products progressively and more and more colleagues started to look for her products because of their efficiency. The spread of her products led to the progression of the cosmetics field and was to the satisfaction of clientele. The demand for her products from the aestheticians gradually turned larger and larger.

  • 1984

    With the legal and economic changes, it became necessary to lay the foundations of the corporation Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs, together with her son, Ferenc Molnar. Aunt Ilcsi continued to be part of the professional work within the company, even after this date, by providing free courses and trainings for the cosmeticians, in many cases teaching herself. The company keeps up the hard work, with more than 140 products by now.

  • 1988

    As a result of her extensive experiences she designs her first electro cosmetic device, Mini Face Lifting, commonly known as „Mini slapper".

  • 1994

    They start to organize free of charge vocational trainings for professionals in the studio of Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs.

  • 1996

    First international order arrives.

  • 1997

    The first Ilcsi Congress is being held. This prestigious cosmetic congress is attended by almost 1000 cosmeticians every year.

  • 1999

    On August 20th Aunt Ilcsi is being honored by the Small Cross from the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic for disseminating and increasing the popularity of the practice of using herbs in the cosmetic field and for the fruitful work she has done as a private contractor.

  • 2004

    Ilcsi as a brand gains the first Superbrands award and has been among the winners every year since then.

  • 2005

    Introducing MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 quality management system (for production and product development).

  • 2006

    Official opening of the first Ilcsi beauty salon in Dubai.

  • 2008

    Organic plantation is accredited by Biokontroll Kht.

  • 2009

    Several products of Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs gain BDIH certification for the first time in Eastern-Europe.

  • 2011

    By using them and applying the treatments developed by the company, the work and the products of Aunt Ilcsi are acclaimed in more than 20 countries worldwide. Ilcsi professional natural cosmetics are famous for being unique and traditional, and for their high botanical and active ingredient content.

Our philosophyWith the power of nature for healthy and beautiful skin!

The philosophy of Ilcsi is simple and natural. We truly believe that there is a solution for every skin concern in nature. This is why Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs professional and certified natural cosmetics are made of fresh herbs, fruits, flowers and vegetables. We offer our products to those who prefer natural solutions in skin care without any side effects. We do not conduct animal tests. It had been banned in the European Union since 2004, but we never followed a path: instead, we created it ourselves. We have been careful protectors of the flora and fauna since the first cream created by Aunt Ilcsi more than 60 years ago. Simple thoughts- natural cosmetics. „Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs has a wide ‘know-how’ built on professional experimental knowledge and produces professional natural cosmetics under the brand name Ilcsi, addressing skin issues.

Provides vocational trainings of the highest standards for professionals to help people treat their skin related problems and concerns, thereby aiding their physical impact also in a natural way. "Ilcsi products are made of certified Hungarian organic plants and herbs, vegetables and fruits, using the power of living active ingredients rather than extracts. We use more than 100 different kinds of plants, mostly grown on our own plantation, or other Hungarian organic plantations or wild harvested herbs. We do not use animal testing and no parts of animal origin.

Nature is in the center of our focus, therefore the following apply to our products:

  • Free of parabene
  • Free of paraffin oil
  • Free of Vaseline
  • Free of animal glycerin
  • Free of synthetic colorings
  • Free of synthetic thickening agents
  • Free of ethoxylated emulsifiers
  • Free of animal testing

Aunt Ilcsi1926-2013

Mrs. Daniel Molnar master cosmetician bio

  • 1926

    Born on April 17th in Nagykökényes, Nógrád county.

  • 1932-1944

    At the age of six she moves to Budapest with her family, but spends all summer holidays in the countryside at her grandparents.

    • School of the catholic Loreto Sisters in Budapest
    • Graduated from Erzsébet Szilágyi Grammer School for Girls in Budapest
  • 1946-1956

    Moves to Hajdúszoboszló with her husband and finishes Cosmetic School in Debrecen, earning final grades in 1956.

  • 1956-1990

    In 1956 she moves back to the capital and starts to work in Venus Hairdresser Salon, Budapest, Karoly Str and 20 years later continues to work in Fashion Hairdresser Salon, Budapest, Nagymező Str.

Cosmetic related studies and trainings

  • 1956

    Vocational cosmetic exam

  • 1964

    Electro cosmetic training, Paris

  • 1965

    Electro cosmetic training, Karlsruhe

  • 1972

    Erlacher Medizintechnik Soft laser, München

  • 1978

    Masters exam, Budapest

Scientific works

  • 1975

    Member of the Hungarian Hairdresser and Cosmetician Association

  • 1979

    Invited to hold a presentation titled: Die Biophisik der Haut und die Kosmetik, in Salzburg, representing Hungarian Hairdresser and Cosmetician Association

  • 1992

    Invited to make a presentation at 46th CIDESCO World Congress, Nicosia, Ciprus( attended 23 times)

  • 1993

    Invited to make a presentation at 47th CIDESCO World Congress, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • 2001

    Publishes a book, title: Illustrated herb book of Aunt Ilcsi

Prizes and acknowledgements

  • 1958-1984

    Excellent Worker of the Cooperative Society and of Light Industries several times.

  • 20.08.1999

    Honored by the Small Cross from the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic for disseminating and increasing the popularity of the practice of using herbs in the cosmetic field and for the fruitful work she has done as a private contractor. Prize given by Árpád Göncz president.

  • 14.05.2005

    Herbalist Award, gained for her outstanding work in Medicinal and Health Care.

  • 02.05.2006

    Honorary Award given by MOSZI National and Budapest Cosmetic Federation for her continuous and outstanding work.

  • 11.07.2007

    Aunt Ilcsi received Beauty Forum Professional Award at Beauty Hair & Spa autumn exhibition for her activity in cosmetic profession in Hungary.


The German association BDIH has developed a guideline for natural cosmetics together with the leading natural cosmetics manufacturers. Only products that comply with the strict rules of the guidelines can bear the "BDIH Controlled Natural Cosmetics" logo. A product with the BDIH logo is guaranteed to be a real, natural, and reliable cosmetic.


In 2013, we introduced the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) quality management system, which covers both product development and production.


On 05.02.2014. , Ilcsi Szépítő Füvek Kft. joined one of the world's most well-known and recognized, exceptionally high-quality inspection and certification organizations.


What is COSMOS? COSMOS is a certification program for organic and natural cosmetics. It is managed by a non-profit, international, and independent association called COSMOS-standard AISBL, based in Brussels.