Our certifications

The COSMOS (COSMetics Organic Standard) was co-created by five major European certification bodies, the German IONC/BDIH, the French Ecocert and Cosmebio, the British Soil Association and the Italian ICEA to establish an independent, credible, united, transparent and universally accepted organic and natural cosmetics standard system for the certification of beauty products. Only products that do not contain parabens, genetically modified ingredients, synthetic colours or synthetic fragrances can be labeled as COSMOS Natural Cosmetics. Ilcsi follows the COSMOS guidelines because besides outstanding quality and reliability, we think that sustainability of production is also a must. We create our natural cosmetics in accordance with COSMOS regulations, thus guaranteeing the high quality and purity of Ilcsi products and also their safety of use.

BDIH, a German based association working together with leading natural cosmetics producers, developed comprehensive guidelines for certified natural cosmetics. BDIH Certified Natural Cosmetics logo therefore always indicates that the certain product complies with the strict guidelines of BDIH and guarantees that it is a natural, reliable cosmetic product.

We pay special attention to using organic plants for our creams, certified by Bio-Garancia, and to get them in the jar as final products in the shortest time possible. Almost 100% of the vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs we use to create our products come from our own and domestic organic farms, which means a richness in active ingredients and environmentally friendly logistics. Due to the gentle processes developed by Aunt Ilcsi all the plants we put in the jar stay in the product in high concentration. This outstandingly high effective botanical content is what makes Ilcsi special.

The cornerstones of a vegan lifestyle are based on avoiding the use of all animal products. This also covers the use of food, clothing, cosmetics, hygiene products and household appliances. We would like to help those who have chosen this lifestyle. We clearly labeled our natural cosmetics that do not contain any animal ingredients or substances of animal origin. We are proud to say that more than 90 of our products actually fit in this category.

We are harvesting our plants carefully, with the protection of our fauna in our minds, and we designed our production process to be environmentally friendly. More than 100 of our products are vegan and do not contain ingredients of animal origin. Naturally we never made animal testing. We strongly support and adhere to the animal testing ban introduced by the European Union in 2004.

Our cosmetics bearing Halal certification are beauty products that conform to the stringent regulations set by the Islamic faith. These products are not allowed to contain or come into contact with any prohibited ingredients. The components of these products are, among other things, free from animal by-products, genetically modified plants, and alcohol, with the possible exception of natural, plant-based alcohol.