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Acne in adulthood. How do you handle it?

There isn't a person among us who hasn't encountered annoying youthful acne that disappears over time thanks to the "hormone explosion" during puberty.

But what happens when acne appears in adulthood? Many times, only the skin condition of our youth continues to accompany us, but it also happens that a large number of pimples appear on our previously spotless facial skin, most often on both sides of the face and on the jaw line. I have now brought some good advice regarding this increasingly common problem.

1. If our basic skin type is seborrheic, i.e. blackheads and prone to oiliness, we can easily help the problem with regular cosmetic cleansing and a suitable daily routine. Let's build in a serum that normalizes sebaceous gland function, such as Rosehip serum or Probiotic serum, into our home skin care routine!

2. Against one or two ostentatious pimples, use the excellent anti-inflammatory Ichtyolic concealer: apply it on the inflammation at night, and wash off the concealer after waking up!

3. It is important not to squeeze our skin at home. Scarring may develop, which is much more difficult to remove than acne itself!

4. When more pimples appear, use the Black cleansing concentrate, followed by the Rosehip toner, and in the evening the Sulphuric serum, followed by the Rosehip moisturizer. With this home care, we can reduce the inflammation that has developed and help the healing process.

5. In the case of a large number of pimples that are difficult to remove, we must definitely find the root causes - without this, we cannot achieve lasting results. These reasons can be many: hormonal problems, digestive disorders, food intolerance, improper diet, bad skin care habits, or even medications. In such cases, we definitely recommend visiting a specialist who will help you develop the right home care and carry out the right cosmetic treatment!