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Refreshing cleansing concentrate 200 ml
6 490 Ft
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Rosehip toner 100 ml
Previous name: Rose Hip Toner
4 290 Ft
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Apple & Lemon cleanser 200 ml
4 090 Ft
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Black cleansing concentrate 50 ml
Previous name: Mineral Cleansing Concentrate
5 290 Ft
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Probiotic moisturizer 50 ml
7 790 Ft
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Paprika Herbal treatment 50 ml
6 090 Ft
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Rosehip serum 30 ml
Previous name: Rose Hip Serum
7 190 Ft
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Rosehip moisturizer 50 ml
Previous name: Rose Hip Whip Moisturizer
6 790 Ft
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Anti-ageing skin care - what can help you with it?

  • Anti ageing

Ageing of the skin is a very complex process, it cannot be attributed only to genetics or the use of inappropriate cosmetics. Both external and internal factors play a role in degeneration processes.

Our top 10 spring cosmetics

  • TOP 10

It's time to completely transform your winter skin care habits! Replace your body creams, adapt to the warmer weather with your natural cosmetics. In good weather, in the spring and summer season, your skin also needs different products than in winter.

Acne in adulthood. How do you handle it?

  • Face cleanser

There isn't a person among us who hasn't encountered annoying youthful acne that disappears over time thanks to the "hormone explosion" during puberty.