Love your face!

    10 questions that we hope will help better your relationship with your skin

    We would like Ilcsi cosmetics to be your honest companions in skincare.

    Our natural cosmetics nourished by nature provide solutions for all skin conditions, but the message we want to convey to you now is not only about the healing power of nature, but about getting to know and accepting your own skin. Our goal is that everyone can honestly say: I LOVE MY FACE when looking in the mirror.

    Take some time to consider the following questions. 
    Look in the mirror and answer yourself honestly:

    1. If you had to describe your face to someone who doesn't know you, how would you do it?
    2. If you had to highlight what you like most about your face, what would it be?
    3. Is there a spot on your face that tells a story? If so, which one is it and what does it tell you?
    4. Do you have an inherited facial feature that you love? Or some that you don’t? If you don't like it, have you been able to accept it? If so, how?
    5. Would you change anything about your face?
    6. Have you ever felt that your skin reflects your state of mind? If yes when?
    7. Do you need makeup to feel good? If yes when?
    8. Remember the last compliment you got about your face? What was it?
    9. Who do you believe when they say YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL?
    10. What do you think needs to be done so that someone can boldly say: I love my face?

    We hope this little game helped you to accept and love your face a little more.

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    If you have questions about your skin, you don't know which Ilcsi natural cosmetics are right for you, our beauticians are waiting for your questions in the chat table on the website or reading other articles in the Ilcsi Magazine!