Skincare guide for the summer season

    When summer arrives, we spend more and more time by the water in the sunshine. It is worth adjusting your skincare routines to suit the hot summer.

    Prepare your skin for summer sunbathing

    The beta-carotene in Tomato body lotion is a real vitamin bomb! Different vitamins are needed for various physiological processes. For tanning, beta-carotene is essential, which is abundant in carrots and tomatoes. However, due to many environmental pollutants, most of these plants do not provide sufficient vitamin sources. For example, non-organic carrots may contain more cadmium and nitrates than beta-carotene. Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs uses only organic plant ingredients in its products.

    The plant ingredients in the Tomato body lotion provide a rich source of vitamins for the skin. It is indispensable in summer skincare, helping our skin achieve a beautiful bronze tone.

    Natural aids for post-sunbathing skincare

    The houseleek, known for its soothing effects in folk medicine, is suitable for treating sensitive, sunburned skin. Our products containing houseleek have regenerating, soothing, and skin-conditioning effects. 

    For facial care, the Houseleek moisturizer is excellent, and for the body, the After-sun body lotion is ideal.

    The After-sun body lotion is a special gel-like product containing plant ingredients from organic farming known for their strong soothing effects. It hydrates, cools, soothes, and regenerates the skin. Its light, gel-like texture absorbs instantly, leaving no residue even in the hottest summer heat. Its moisturizing and regenerating properties provide relief for minor sunburns as well.

    Proper skin soothing after frequent hair removal in summer

    Herbal Oil after waxing, rich in herbs and cold-pressed vegetable oils, soothes the skin and prevents folliculitis. It contains oleic acid, a skin-identical component, and pine balsam oil, which helps remove wax residue from the skin. Peppermint oil provides a refreshing and cooling effect, while lavender oil soothes the skin and adds a pleasant scent.

    Intense sunlight affects hair, chlorinated pool water affects the scalp

    Scalp Reviving serum, containing eight different plants, naturally supports the condition of hair strands and strengthens their hold. This herbal solution is hair- and skin-building, soothing, and enhances blood circulation. After drying, it gives the hair a good hold. It is recommended for daily use as a course.

    Oily skin can shine more frequently in summer

    Oily skin (seborrhea) struggles with the summer heat, often appearing shiny and greasy. Choose moisturizers and sebum-regulating products carefully.

    Use the Spirulina Powder Mask 1-2 times a week. This mask, containing ingredients that regulate skin functions, positively impacts sebaceous glands, enlarged pores, and comedones. After use, the skin appears smooth and fresh. For daily care of oily seborrhea, we recommend Black cleansing concentrate and lightweight boosters and serums.

    Active hydration of mature skin post-sunbathing with vitamin E and valuable ingredients from aloe and ginkgo

    Whether at the seaside or another waterside location, skin needs extra hydration as salt or chlorinated water dries it out. Natural Vitamin E regenerates the skin after sunbathing and mitigates the harmful effects of UV rays. By counteracting negative environmental impacts, it ensures the stability of cell tissues and membranes, slowing down aging thanks to its antioxidant properties.

    The Hyaluron & Peptide product line excellently hydrates and regenerates deeply dehydrated, sun-kissed skin. Besides aloe and ginkgo's valuable ingredients, it also contains two types of peptides and hyaluronic acid. Hydrolyzed pea protein has antioxidant, hydrating, and smoothing effects on the skin. Its ability to reduce oxidative stress improves skin condition, contributing to skin's structural renewal with its positive activity on collagen synthesis. Hexapeptide-11, a peptide sequence of six amino acids, supports collagen synthesis, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also increases skin tone, elasticity, and hydration.

    For daily routine, use Hyaluron & Peptide serum and Hyaluron & Peptide moisturizer. For weekly routine, apply Hyaluron & Peptide treatment on skin prepped with peeling for a nourishing treatment.

    Don’t forget to refresh the body's skin before sunbathing

    Preparing the body's skin for sunbathing is as important as caring for the face, neck, and neckline. For the best results, remove dead skin cells to allow nutrients to penetrate the skin more effectively. We recommend using Ilcsi soft-cooked cleansing concentrates for daily cleansing. After use, apply a lightweight body lotion to hydrate the treated areas.

    Using cleansing concentrates

    Ilcsi cleansing concentrates are made from vegetable oils and have an alkaline pH, softening and removing dead skin cells, allowing the skin's natural exfoliation and renewal processes to function smoothly. These cleansing concentrates are unique as they are made using only natural vegetable oils under strict, controlled manufacturing conditions. The finished soaps contain additional skincare ingredients such as vegetable glycerin, natural essential oils, vitamin C derivative (ascorbyl palmitate), Vitamin E (tocopherol), and natural chlorophyll, depending on their intended use. We also focus on environmental consciousness in packaging, ensuring our products' packaging is recyclable.

    Ilcsi Black cleansing concentrate is very versatile, containing linseed oil, lavender oil, ichthyol, tocopherol, and vitamin C derivatives. It soothes seborrheic, acne-prone skin, provides mild astringent and keratolytic properties, and is a solution for rosacea-prone, acne-prone, and sensitive skin. It can also be used for folliculitis-prone skin, oily, flaky scalp, and dry, cracked hands and feet.
    The Nettle cleansing concentrate contains nettle plant ingredients, linseed oil, Vitamin E, lemon oil, and lemongrass oil. Its exfoliating, regenerating, and refreshing effects improve the condition of itchy, dry, thickened skin on the face and body, leaving it silky smooth. For optimal effect, use a sponge during application.
    The Refreshing cleansing concentrate, suitable for all skin types, dissolves dead skin cells, aiding the skin's renewal processes. It contains linseed oil, vegetable glycerin, tocopherol, and vitamin C derivative. The natural essential oils in it, such as eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, and camphor oil, refresh and improve circulation, revitalizing tired, poor-circulation skin. This effect can be enhanced by using a sponge. Its fragrance composition also provides an excellent aromatherapy experience.

    After using any of the three Ilcsi soaps, restore the skin's protective layer with Ilcsi body lotion.

    Shaving gel

    A liquid vegetable gel made with linseed oil is suitable for all skin types. It dissolves dead skin cells, aiding skin renewal and reducing the likelihood of folliculitis. We recommend it for shaving with a brush or sponge. Thoroughly lather it on the skin, then rinse well after hair removal. Its mild keratolytic effect prevents the thickening of the dry stratum corneum, reducing the risk of folliculitis. Yarrow's soothing effect calms skin irritation caused by shaving, leaving the skin fresh and healthy.
    Usage Instructions: For the area to be shaved (women's and men's face, underarms, legs), lather the soap with water and then use the razor. After shaving, we recommend using a Soothing Balm to calm the skin.

    Body lotions

    In summer, we particularly focus on body care to ensure the skin gets enough moisture. Increased sunlight and water exposure dry out the skin. Additionally, due to intense sweating, it's essential to replenish vitamins and minerals with body care products. Since body lotions are used over a large skin area often multiple times a day, and are not rinsed off immediately, it is important to choose them carefully.

    Natural cold-pressed vegetable oils and waxes are better choices than non-natural emollients. These ingredients regenerate abnormalities caused by dehydration on the skin's surface, hydrate the skin, and support its natural defense functions. Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs body lotions are made with natural cold-pressed vegetable oils, and the plant ingredients come from organic farming. With various plant activities, we can target all skin types and address any accompanying skin issues.

    The Rose body lotion is for loose, dehydrated skin. The fragrant red rose petals have outstanding vitamin and bioflavonoid content, aiding tissue mineral and vitamin supply, and enhancing skin nourishment. Different molecular structures of sodium hyaluronate provide deep hydration from head to toe. Modern biotechnologically derived actives in the lotion improve skin texture and firmness, offering a silky skin feel.
    The Grape Stem Cell body lotion is for mature, deeply dehydrated skin. The resveratrol in grapes has exceptional antioxidant properties, strengthening and regenerating alipic skin at the cellular level.
    The Helianthus body lotion for painfully dry skin. It is highly recommended for those with diabetes-related dry skin issues.
    The Tomato body lotion supports achieving a healthy, tan skin tone with the valuable vitamins and antioxidant lycopene content of tomatoes.
    The Shea butter & Calendula body lotion helps skin regeneration with carotenoids. Designed for superficial and deep-layer dehydrated skin, its actives include calendula, sea buckthorn, and vitamins E, F, and C, offering regenerating and vitamin-replenishing effects. Its distinctive orange scent provides a pleasant, relaxing experience.