On 05.02.2014. , Ilcsi Szépítő Füvek Kft. joined one of the world's most well-known and recognized, exceptionally high-quality inspection and certification organizations.

The Ilcsi Szépítő Füvek team is particularly careful when it comes to selecting the raw ingredients used in their products. We believe that nature has a solution to every problem. That is why we are really proud that with the help of Aunt Ilcsi and the power of nature, we were able to create the special Ilcsi professional natural cosmetics, nature's cosmetics. Our products are made according to the strictest natural cosmetic regulations, where the rules of the BIDH are the guiding principles and we use only the best quality organic ingredients - fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables - most of which we grow on our own organic plantation.

Hungária Bio-Garancia Kft. is the Hungarian subsidiary of Austria's leading inspection organization (Austria Bio Garantie), whose founders and owners include distinguished Hungarian specialists with decades of experience in the field, who contributed to the construction of the domestic inspection system. Their main activity is organic farming, that is, the inspection and certification of organic products, for which they have the recognition of the National Food Chain Safety Office (NÉBIH) (code number: HU-ÖKO-02) and the NAT accreditation according to the EN 45011 standard for certifying organizations.


Their inspection and certification by the parent company represent high quality. As a member of the ECERT platform, they have an extensive international network of contacts. Thanks to the cooperation with the largest Austrian, Swiss and German inspection organizations, they provide uniquely competitive services to their international and Hungarian partners. In addition to European countries, they can also provide their reliable wide-ranging services in Japan, America and Switzerland through and in cooperation with international supervisory authorities.

Other than our website, our certificate can also be found in the search database of the international Easy-Cert platform, which enables valid organic certificates to be searched electronically for the sake of the authenticity and transparency of organic products.