A natural solution against skin irritation as a reaction to radiation treatment

Radiation therapy might cause unpleasant skin inflammation and redness as a side effect. A comparative study* of the Radiotherapy Center of the National Institute of Oncology reflecting a clinical test concluded that the Ilcsi RadioSkin professional natural cosmetics provide the same skin soothing result when compared with conventional dexapantenol based skincare products!

Natural cosmetics provide effective solutions to skin problems without dealing with side effects. Our RadioSkin products are certified as Natural Cosmetics by the Germany-based BDIH, one of the strictest associations for qualification of natural cosmetics. These cosmetics do not contain fragrances and their natural ingredients come from a Hungária Öko-Garancia certified organic farm. As per the conclusion of a comparative test conducted by the Radiation Treatment Center of the National Institute of Oncology the products are safe to be used by patients with acute skin side effects caused by radiation treatment.

1. Apply Ilcsi RadioSkin 1 Cream to the treated surface immediately before the radiotherapy, and wait for a few minutes until completely absorbs into the skin.

2. After radiotherapy, use the Ilcsi RadioSkin 2 Oil Gel and thinly apply it on the radiated surface as soon as possible. Wait a few minutes until it completely  absorbs into the skin and then get dressed up.

3. Wait 1-2 hours after the radiotherapy treatment and after using the RadioSkin 2 Oil Gel, and thinly apply the Ilcsi RadioSkin 3 Whip Moisturizer on the treated surface and wait until it absorbs perfectly before dressing up.

4. Between radiotherapy treatments, use the RadioSkin 2 Oil Gel and RadioSkin 3 Whip Moisturizer as described above following a frequency suggested by your doctor.

5. Even if you radiotherapy ends, use the Radio Skin 2 Oil Gel and RadioSkin 3 Whip Moisturizer in case your skin is sensitive, irritated and red, until you get as a result a perfectly calm skin.

Based on previous experiences the required amount of products to cover the entire duration of the treatment is:

2 x 50 ml RadioSkin 3 Whip Moisturizer, 2 x 50 ml RadioSkin 2 Oil Gel and 1 x 50 ml RadioSkin 1 Cream.


The RadioSkin package can be purchased at the National Oncology Institute’s pharmacy, (Ráth György str. 7-9., 8/A building Budapest 1122), or at Ilcsi’s own cosmetic salon at Szépségmanufaktúra (79 Attila Rd., Budapest 1012, Phone: (+36 1) 224 0178, (+36 20) 410 8740, ww.szepsegmanufaktura.hu).

We hope you recover soon!

* Hungarian Oncology, 61st Year, 2nd Number, June 2017, page 184.

**Ask your doctor before using this product. Pay attention to the suggested order of use. In cases of your skin reacting to certain ingredients stop using the product immediately and consult with your doctor.

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