Ilcsi’s brand image and packaging of our website and our products is renewed

At the 20th Ilcsi International Congress, we introduced the new appearance of Ilcsi brand, new product packaging and 3 product innovations.

Clearness is an important point of our work. Whether it is the purity of our natural ingredients, the purity of our immediate environment, the purity of our intentions – and now our new packaging, which is today’s aesthetic requirement the visual cleanness. Not only the source of the new packaging of our products is pure, it is also more environmentally friendly and makes it easier and hygienic to use. Where the features of the product allow, we move to the Ecocert certified airless bottle packaging material. This includes face creams, lotions, cleansers serums and oils. We are going to change them entirely into the new packages until the end of 2017.

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