Seborrhea skin regenerating treatment

We want to introduce a treatment to you, which makes tired, chopped skin, evens out comes back to life again, and problematic, acne skin symptoms relieve and strengthen the vital functions of the skin. The two bases of the treatment are the Hydrating elixir which effectively regulates the moisture content of the skin, and the Harmonizing spirulina green mask, with the main active ingredients of spirulina sea microalgae which is rich in proteins, amino acids and minerals.

1. Cleansing with Apple & lemon cleanser.
Everyday use of apple and lemon-containing products is beneficial for wide-pore, oily skin. Lemon also has high antioxidant vitamin C content.


2. Toning with Rosehip tonic.
Rosehips are an important and natural source of vitamin C, involved in the regulation of oxidation processes, strengthen the walls of the blood vessels, and strengthen the connective tissue. The tonic refreshes and soothes the unmanageable, sensitive, inflammable and reddening skin with acne.


3. Horsetail & Spinach Exfoliating Mask.
To remove dead skin cells, the Horsetail & Spinach exfoliating mask should be evenly applicated, it has outstanding silicon content which is essential for our skin. Silicon is crucial to the nutrition of our cells, essential to the existence of every cell, the main component of the cell wall. It improves almost all the functions of the body, optimizes the metabolism of our cells by rebuilding the cell membrane and strengthening tissues. After drying, the peeling should be rubbed off from the skin with circular motions.


4. Getting in the ingredients with the Revi Face and Hydrating elixir.
With iontophoresis, we can help introduce the wrinkle smoothing moisturizing elixir deep into the skin.

Active substance intake

5. Massage with Sensitive Extra Gel Cream. The product combines two properties of two fantastic plants – the yarrow and plantain – so the Sensitive Extra Gel Cream gives the opportunity to prevent, relieve, reduce inflammatory processes and restore hydration, thanks to the combined herbal ingredients. Due to this special gel cream texture it can be quickly absorbed by the skin.

6. Mask with Harmonizing spirulina green mask. Apply the mask in an evenly thick layer on the treated area. It gives you a nice and peachy skin afterwards.

Mask with Harmonizing spirulina green mask

7. Finish it with Sensitive Extra Gel Cream.
After removing the pull mask, apply the cream on the treated area. On the eye area we use the Fenugreek Eye Contour Cream. For skin renewal, wrinkle filling, nourishing and swelling Fenugreek eye contour ingredients (fenugreek, grape seed oil, castor oil, linseed oil, corn oil, chlorophyll, shea butter, ascorbyl palmitate, and tocopherol) are an excellent solution for wrinkled eyes.

For your health!


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