Regenerative treatment of alipic and deep layer water deficient skin

The base of this treatment is the Pro-ageing Vitalizing mask with the fantastic Hydrating elixir in it, which is certified to smoot out water deficient skin, mature skin. With this product the skin is visibly refined, smooth and the skin’s elasticity is also supported.

1. Cleansing with Grape stem cell cleanser and toning with Grape stem cell toner.
The Grape stem cell cleanser effectively removes make-up and dirt from the skin, and thanks to the Grape stem cells, it completely regenerates the skin. This special cleanser is essential for superficial- and deep layer water deficient skin and also for mature skin care. After we used the cleanser, wipe it up with Grape stem cell toner.


2. Cleansing with Grape stem cell peeling.
The grape seed grist in the product delicately removes dead skin cells, and the grape cell extract nourishes the skin, which will be pleasant, tight and smooth. The effectivity of grape stem cell treatment is the antioxidant and regenerating, high content of prolifenol and resveratrol.


3. Using the Electric treatment with the Skin Perfecting Device (balsamic massage) and the Hydrating elixir.
The device helps to get the moisturizing elixir active ingredients into the skin. In the next step, the effect of the treatment can be improved with the Ultra Firming tool.

Electric treatment

4. Introducing Active Ingredients with Ultra Firming Cream and Anti-ageing & Hyaluronic Gel.
The gel contains a concentrated combination of hyaluronic and herbal ingredients, giving you a noticeable and visible result for a smoother and firmer skin. Its effect can be enhanced with the Ultra Firming tool so you can help not only introduce the active ingredients, but you can also get an intense lifting effect thanks to the interference flow.

Active substance intake

5. Massage with Phytoestrogen intensive moisturizer cream.
The cream containing rich active ingredients (grape seed oil, marigold, castor oil, maize germ oil, flaxseed oil, hops, red currants, yucca, caraway oil) is mainly used to hydrate and refill mature, tired, greasy and water deficient skin.


6. Mask with Pro-ageing Vitalizing mask, spread on the treated surface evenly.

Mask with Vitalizing Moisturizing Mask

7. Finish with Phytoestrogen Moisturizing Cream.
After drying and removing the mask, smooth the treated surface with the moisturizer. We use the St. John’s Wort Eye Contour Cream for the eye area.

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